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Stride forward to the network power

Author:  Source:CIEC Haihua International Exhibition Co.,Ltd. ,   Time:2018-07-26  
The wave of global information is surging and spectacular.
The development of China's network trust business is steady and vigorous.
Since the eighteen Party of the party, the Party Central Committee, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, has insisted on the strategic height of the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the realization of the great Chinese nation's dream of reviving the Chinese nation, and systematically deploying and comprehensively promoting the work of network security and information. The development and governance of the Internet in our country has constantly opened up the innovation situation, the network space is becoming clearer, the information becomes the fruit and the millions of people, the security ability of the network is continuously strengthened, and the network space destiny community advocates the wide identification of the international community. China's network trust industry is forging ahead, stepping on waves and striding into the new era.
"Cyberspace is the spiritual home of hundreds of millions of people" - the Party Central Committee, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, has continuously strengthened the construction of network content, fostering a positive and healthy, upward and good network culture, so as to create a network space for the broad masses of netizens, especially young people.
Since 2018, in view of the prominent problems existing in the current network video industry, the state authorities have stepped on the "brakes" for a series of online video industries with a series of "combination punches", such as interviews, rectification, and next shelves.
This is only a microcosm of the party's and the government's eighteen largest network of laws and regulations.
"The Internet is a double-edged sword. We must severely crack down on these chaos." We must strictly control these anchors who bring negative energy to the society. " Netizens praised the tide of support, reflecting the expectations of the broad masses of the people for building a better spiritual home on the Internet.
Cyberspace is the spiritual home shared by millions of people.  Cyberspace is clear and ecological, and is in line with the interests of the people. It is not in line with the interests of the people that the network space is smoky and ecologically deteriorated.
General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that, in accordance with the responsibility of the society and the people responsible, we should strengthen the network space management according to law, strengthen the construction of network content, strengthen the positive online propaganda, cultivate a positive healthy, upward network culture, and nourish the people with the core values of socialism and the achievements of the excellent civilization of mankind. Nourishing the society, achieving positive energy and high theme, creating a network space for the majority of netizens, especially teenagers.
The nineteen major reports of the Party pointed out that we should strengthen the construction of Internet content, establish a comprehensive network governance system, and create a clear network space.
Since the eighteen Party's Congress, according to the requirements of "positive energy is the general requirement and the management is the absolute principle", the relevant departments have been closely cooperating, working together and comprehensively managing.
A number of laws and regulations, such as the network security law, the regulations on the management of the Internet news and information services, the regulations on the management of the public account information service of the Internet users, and regulations on the management of the information service of the Internet Group, have been introduced in succession, providing the basic basis for the network, network and network.
A series of special management actions, such as "net net", "sword net", "Qingyuan" and "protect seedlings", and a seamless link between the blacklist system of website managers, and network rumors, network pornography and "pseudo base station" have been effectively regulated, and the network space is increasingly clear.
A number of projects, such as "network media change", "China's good netizen project", "online public welfare project" and national network security propaganda week have been successfully implemented, and civic network civilization literacy has been greatly improved, and healthy network ecological transmission of positive energy.
From "the road of" the "road" of "the road of one area" to "the great feelings of small books", from "five years of Endeavour" to "fierce, my country"... Since the party's eighteen major themes, major themes have been publicizing and comprehensively using the means of Internet communication to form a "walk to the reality, go deep and go to the heart".
From the Chinese dream practitioner story network communication project to the Chinese original game excellent publishing project, the "two micro end" is selected to the network positive energy "five one hundred" selection, the Chinese excellent traditional culture online inheritance and the contemporary Chinese positive energy spread in parallel, Hong Yang net under the Internet "concentric circle" of the family state Bosom.
In the calamity, we should be loyal and courageous, selfless and fearless in courageous deeds, mutual care in neighborhoods, and generosity in public welfare undertakings. Since the eighteen Party of the party, the Internet is becoming a useful disseminator of the socialist core value system. It is well known to the netizens and the public through the true, positive and healthy dissemination of the good, good and good conscience that touched the good people of China, and to build socialism and harmonious society.
Cyberspace is increasingly becoming the source of positive energy and the spiritual home shared by millions of people.
"To develop the network letter cause, we must carry out the thought of the people centered development" - adapting to the people's new expectation, the rapid development of information, and making millions of people have more sense of gain, happiness and security on the development of the Internet.
Longnan, Gansu is rich in natural resources. Over the years, due to traffic backwardness, local people can only live with these "precious" and live a hard life.
After going back to his hometown, Liang Qianjuan came back to his hometown to start an online shop and began to start a business. It brought no small shock to the village: just a net line, tapping a few keyboards, turning the crops in the ground, the walnuts in the tree, the long wild vegetables in the mountain into money, and the business became more and more red. Today, Liang Qianjuan's online sales revenue totaled about 4500000 yuan, but also led to more than 30 poor households in the village supply to online stores for a long time, and found the way out of poverty.
To promote the development of the network and to use the power of digital, it is