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2018 Beijing auto show successfully closed

Author:  Source:CIEC Haihua International Exhibition Co.,Ltd. ,   Time:2018-07-26  
In May 4, 2018, the 2018 (fifteenth) Beijing International Automobile Exhibition held a curtain at the Beijing International Exhibition Center in China. The exhibition was a complete success.

The total exhibition area of the Beijing auto show is 220 thousand square meters, attracting more than 1200 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions in the world. The exhibition showcases 1022 vehicles, 105 vehicles in the world, including 16 MNCs, 30 MNCs in Asia, 64 concept cars and 174 new energy vehicles (including 124 Chinese new energy vehicles), and 820 thousand new and old two exhibition areas. The leading level of the world auto show continues to be displayed on key indicators such as the number of brands and vehicles, the quality of the cars and the number of spectators.

At present, the global automobile industry is in the stage of the market upgrading under the new consumption trend, the brand upgrade under the new marketing situation and the upgrading of the industry under the new energy environment. The Internet and the automobile industry are further integrated, and the intelligent network redefines the automobile. The Beijing auto show, with the theme of "defining new car life", focuses on the integration of intelligentization, renetworking and electrification, showing the industry changes brought about by new technologies such as new energy, artificial intelligence and mobile interconnection, and depicts a good vision for new ways of travel and new car life. Compared with the previous Beijing motor show, the current auto show has the following characteristics and highlights:

Intelligent interconnection has become the focus of enterprise centralization

With the rapid development of science and technology and mobile Internet, great changes have taken place in people's living habits and consumption patterns. The automobile industry has also produced a subversive change. New technology applications and new models continue to emerge, providing a huge space for the development of intelligent network vehicles. Against this background, the traditional automobile enterprises have accelerated the development of intelligent cars, and large Internet companies have infiltrated and arranged the intelligent automobile industry.

At this auto show, the new concept of car manufacturing has become the focus of enterprises' concentrated efforts. The concepts of artificial intelligence, pilotless, interconnected and intelligent interaction run through all the booth. Compared to the lively concept of the last Beijing auto show, the intelligent network model of the auto show has come to the market and become more accessible.

From the strategic point of view of the manufacturers, the exhibitors have shown the overall layout of the future travel field, showing the technological innovation and the innovative results of the travel mode. It makes the audience truly feel that the car has turned from a simple travel tool and will become a tool for people to entertain, socialize and share, and become a variety of work. An integrated mobile terminal.

New energy vehicles show a trend of bloom

According to the report on China's vehicle value preservation rate 2018, the total sales volume of new energy vehicles in the world exceeded 1 million 420 thousand in 2017, and the total sales exceeded 3 million 400 thousand vehicles. By the end of 2017, China's cumulative sales of new energy vehicles have reached 1 million 800 thousand, more than 50% of the total global sales, and China has been the largest country in the world's new energy production and marketing in the world for three years.  At this Beijing auto show, the number of new energy vehicles has been up to 174, including pure electric and plug-in hybrid cars, SUV, MPV and many other models. Among the many models, Chinese brands are very eye-catching, displaying 124 new energy vehicles, occupying 70%. At the technical level, Chinese car companies have shown strong competitiveness both in terms of mileage and battery technology.

With the promotion of the "double integral" policy of passenger vehicles and the reduction of the national policy subsidies for new energy vehicles, hybrid power has become an important choice for the energy saving technology of passenger vehicles. This year's auto show has a large number of mixed car models, providing consumers with a wide range of choices.

Under the dual driving of policy and market, the new energy vehicle is the trend of the times. As an important window to show the development of the industry, the Beijing auto show has been released by the new energy model and new energy strategy, which indicates that the automobile industry has entered a new era, and the competition between the domestic and foreign vehicles will be more intense.

New forces and traditional car enterprises merge in the competition

At this auto show, the new force of car making is bringing together various kinds of "black technology" and "new concept", which brings great impact to the automotive industry. More than a dozen new car manufacturers launched a large-scale "collective presentation" at this auto show.  Whether it is the continuous hot selling SUV model, or the concept car leading the science and technology, the new power car enterprises have presented many innovative highlights from their product positioning, intelligent functions and propaganda strategies.

In the face of the layout of the new power in the field of intelligent interconnection, automatic driving and new energy, the traditional car maker, whether it is the domestic car enterprises or the transnational car enterprises, has launched a number of real new energy intelligent measurement models on the auto show. How to cope with the challenge, adjust the strategy quickly and accomplish the transformation and upgrading, when the new car force comes from the concept to the mass production, how to meet the severe test from the industrial chain and the consumer. The pattern of traditional car enterprises is gradually broken and the competition is gradually becoming white hot. At the present time, we see the hand of two kinds of forces, cooperation in the complementary field, the integration of development, will be the best solution.

Chinese brands continue to move towards the high end

China's automobile industry has shifted from high speed growth stage to high quality development stage. In the process, a number of representative Chinese brands, which are developing towards the high-end market and beginning to move towards the international market, have sprung up. A large number of Chinese brands have released the high-end development