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Status, content and influence of China International Import Fair

Author:  Source:CIEC Haihua International Exhibition Co.,Ltd. ,   Time:2018-07-26  
In May 14, 2017, President Xi Jinping announced at the Summit Forum on international cooperation along the road that China will hold China International Import fair from 2018. The first import Fair will be held in Shanghai on 5-10 November. As of now, there are more than 180 countries and regions of China's 230 trading partners. More than 1600 enterprises in the world, including nearly one hundred of the world's top 500 enterprises and leading enterprises in various countries, have confirmed their participation or clearly expressed their participation. There will be more than 150 thousand professional purchasers in China.
1 the world's first import oriented National Fair.
Marked by Trump's election and Britain's retreat from Europe, human society has entered an era of great development, great change and great adjustment. The world's multi polarization, economic globalization, social information and cultural diversity continue to deepen. The momentum of peaceful development is still strong, and the pace of innovation and innovation continues to move forward. At the same time, the peace deficit, the development deficit and the governance deficit have become a serious problem faced by all mankind. Free trade and multilateral system are facing irrational challenges of unilateralism and protectionism. In this context, China's initiative to host China International Import Expo has fully demonstrated the sincere will of China to open up the 1 billion 300 million large population market actively and become China's actual action to support economic globalization and trade liberalization.
China International Import Fair (hereinafter referred to as the import Fair) is the first national fair with the theme of import in the world. It is a great achievement in the history of international trade development. As the focus of the international cooperation platform for the Chinese government, the aim is to maintain and develop an open world economy, create a global environment conducive to development, promote the construction of a fair, reasonable and transparent international economic and trade investment rule system, and promote the orderly flow of production elements, the efficient allocation of resources and the deep integration of the market. It has become a Chinese solution to the problem of globalization.
The import fair was launched by China, but it is not a solo of the Chinese family, but a free trade chorus of the world with the theme of globalization. The Chinese government, on behalf of the Chinese people, sincerely welcomes the political, industrial and commercial people, exhibitors and purchasers to participate in the exhibition, expand the Chinese market, share the business opportunities of economic and trade cooperation in China, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win development. China is willing to work with all countries and businessmen to work together to create a world - class Expo, a public platform for free trade, a high standard forum for economic and trade dialogue, to open new channels for human cooperation and to promote the prosperity of the world economy.
2 Hongqiao International Trade Forum + national comprehensive exhibition, business and Trade Exhibition
The Import Expo is composed of three major contents: national comprehensive exhibition, business exhibition and Hongqiao international trade forum. The national comprehensive exhibition of about 30 thousand square meters is a comprehensive exhibition of the world trade and investment, including goods trade, service trade, industry status, investment and tourism, and the representative products of all countries in the world. The business exhibition is divided into two parts: goods trade and service trade. Among them, the trade plate of goods is 180 thousand square meters, which is divided into six big exhibition areas, including consumer electronics and household appliances, clothing and daily consumer goods, automobiles, intelligent and high-end equipment, food and agricultural products, medical equipment and medical care. The service trade plate is 30 thousand square meters, which are divided into new technology, service outsourcing, creative design and cultural education. Seven contents: tourism service, logistics service and comprehensive service.
The Hongqiao International Trade Forum directly serves the overall goal of the opening and development of the import expositions to promote the economic globalization of open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win, and to promote global trade growth. The forum, including the opening ceremony and the three parallel forums, will focus on issues such as "trade and opening", "trade and innovation", "trade and investment", focusing on promoting the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment, building an open world economy, promoting the growth of trade innovation, and promoting the sustainable development of trade and investment.
The six largest exhibition area of the trade in goods is the focus of the exhibition. Among them, the main exhibits in the consumer electronics and household appliances exhibition area include: mobile equipment, smart home, intelligent household appliances, virtual reality and augmented reality, video games, health sports products, audio products, video and HD equipment, life technology, display technology, online and home entertainment, product and system solutions.
In 2016, the import market of household appliances and electronic products reached US $412 billion 888 million. China has more than 1 billion 300 million mobile phone users, 560 million of its total shipments and 90% of its smartphones. Consumer demand presents a trend of diversification and customization, and high-end products of international well-known brands are favored.
The main exhibits in clothing, clothing and daily consumer goods exhibition area include clothing, textiles, silk products, food products, household articles, gifts, household ornaments, holiday supplies, jewelry, furniture, baby products, toys, cultural products, beauty and hairdressing products, sports and leisure products, bags, shoes, etc. Clocks, pottery and glass products.
Since the new round of consumption upgrading in China, the retail market of social consumer goods has maintained two digit growth for ten consecutive years. Consumers are paying more attention to quality rather than paying attention to price and paying attention to imported goods. Different from the direct import channels of large overseas enterprises, many small and medium-sized enterprises have entered China through new channels such as purchasing, importing supermarkets and cross-border e-commerce.
The main exhibits include: intelligent driving vehicle and technology, Internet car and technology, new energy vehicle and technology, brand car. China is entering the age of cars. By the end of 2016.